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About Us

Vitriol Intentional Wellness was founded to bring back the intentionality and purpose in the habits and routines of your daily life. By reclaiming your time, actions, and thoughts with purpose you become more present and aware of the space inside and around you.


Our brand’s mission is to inspire our community to take control of their wellness and embed relaxation and self care into their everyday lives.


VITRIOL is a latin acronym “Visita Interiora Tera Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem” which means go within and rectify what you find there and that is the key to eternal life.


VITRIOL is an agent of transformation in the spiritual sense and we believe in bringing moments of gratitude, relaxation, and calm into people’s lives in order to elevate their everyday experiences.


Our promise is to provide quality natural products that allow a person to take control of their wellness and self care in their everyday lives